Should Jack Forgive Emily on Revenge?
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Should Jack Forgive Emily on Revenge?

Revenge Season 2 ended with a huge shock Emily finally revealed her real identity to Jack Porter. Unfortunately for her, Jack didn't take too kindly to finding out his childhood bestie had grown up to be a revenge seeking supergal, and he's spent most of Season 3 being angry and setting ultimatums. Is it time for him to forgive and forget?

During Sunday night’s Season 3, Episode 11 ("Homecoming") Jack seemed to offer Em some forgiveness while trying to help her regain her memories after her traumatic fall from the side of a boat left her with total amnesia. Was that the right thing to do? Should he continue to be on her side?

Wetpaint Entertainment teamed up with Viggle to find out what the fans think about this thorny question, and the answer was decisive: a whopping 95% of Viggle LIVE! responders thought that it is high time Jack forgive Emily, whose "quest for revenge is justified." That means only 5% of users thought Jack's grudge should continue.

After everything the Graysons have done to him, it makes sense that Jack would eventually come around to Emily's side. The only question is, if he forgives her, does that mean their romance could spark again?

Do you think Emily deserves Jack's forgiveness? Let us know in the comments below.

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01.6.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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