Should Len Goodman Retire From Dancing With the Stars?
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Dancing With The Stars

Should Len Goodman Retire From Dancing With the Stars?

No more 10s from Len? On the Dancing With the Stars Season 18 finale, judge Len Goodman mentioned that it might have been his last night on the show. Seriously.

Len emphasized that no decision had been made yet, but he also said that if this was his last season as a judge, he couldn't have asked for a better last dance to watch than Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy's Foxtrot/Cha-Cha Fusion. So it sounds like this is something he's really considering.

We can't say it's a total surprise. After all, the man did just turn 70, and he's said in the past that flying back and forth between the US and England, where he also judges Strictly Come Dancing, is getting to be a lot for him to handle.

Obviously, we want Len to put his health and happiness first, so if this is what he needs to do, then he should. But leaving that aside, we're curious — would you be sad to see Len go, or do you think the show needs a judging shakeup?

We can see both sides. Len brings a certain gravitas as a judge that would be missed; sure, he can be fussy and prickly, but he also tends to be a stickler for the rules and real dancing details, which we appreciate. On the other hand, we've had the same judging panel since the beginning — yeah, the guest judges this season helped shake things up some, but it might be time for a bigger change. If Len wants to go anyway, this might be the perfect time for a revamp.

What do you think: Is it time for Len to retire, or would you miss him too much? Vote with our reaction buttons, and sound off in the comments below!