Should Majesty Rose Have Gone Home On American Idol 2014?
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Should Majesty Rose Have Gone Home On American Idol 2014?

We don’t know about you, but last night we experienced our first feeling of shock over an American Idol elimination. The judges seemed to really like Majesty Rose’s performance this week — at least, compared to the ones we’ve seen the last few times. In contrast, C.J. Harris was given a lot of criticism over his difficulty with staying in tune. That just goes to show you that you really never know for sure when it comes time for eliminations. It begs the question: Did Majesty deserve to go home?

We have mixed feelings on this. If it were based on performances alone, we’d have to say no, she absolutely didn’t deserve to be the one to go home. Sam Woolf, while adorable, had yet another performance that was quite boring. And C.J. Harris struggled with his pitch throughout his number, as he pretty much the entire season.

What one has to look at is general audience bonding, and the ability of viewers to feel connected to these contestants. Despite being undoubtedly talented, Majesty’s had trouble with that for some reason. It reminds us of last season’s Amber Holcomb, who, despite numerous great performances, always found herself in the bottom three.

Of course, this is also reflected in social media. Despite Sam’s lackluster performance this week, he has far and away the most Twitter followers of the remaining hopefuls. He did end up in the bottom three, but this online following sort of gives him a built-in cushion.

Is it fair? Absolutely not! But, hey, life isn’t fair. What we found even more shocking than the elimination, however, was the fact that the judges didn’t use their save on Majesty. They’ve showered her with plenty of compliments over the weeks, so we thought they’d have given her another week to prove herself. Then again, she has been in the bottom the last three weeks in a row. Had they used their save, she could have easily gone home next week, making their save relatively pointless.

Majesty’s swan song performance was interesting, though, as she seemed to struggle with her pitch the more she moved around on stage. And, according to The Hollywood Reporter, last night’s performer, Janelle Monae, left Majesty with words of wisdom that seemed to touch on that, too.

“She said when you exercise, sing at the same time. I was like, Crap. That’s hard. Am I just gonna sing at SoulCycle?” she joked.

What do you think? Did Majesty Rose deserve to go home on American Idol? Sound off below!

03.28.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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