Should MK Nobilette Have Gone Home On American Idol 2014?
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Should MK Nobilette Have Gone Home On American Idol 2014?

We don’t want to say we told you so about who was going home on American Idol last night but, technically we did. It’s not that we wanted MK Nobilette to go home, but most of the signs pointed to her Idol departure. While she had an impressive Twitter following compared to some of her peers, her stage presence had only gotten worse when others were really beginning to soar. MK even admitted a few weeks back that she’s always had trouble emoting on stage.

As we also mentioned yesterday, Idol fans generally don’t take kindly to hopefuls who talk back to the American Idol judges when getting feedback. While MK didn’t do that, per se, she always seemed angered by what they had to say instead of taking the critiques as advice. In fact, when MK was interviewed after her rendition of P!nk’s “Perfect” the other night, she basically said she didn’t agree with the judges and felt she had a strong performance. As hard as it might be, longtime viewers know these folks need to listen and be respectful of the judges.

MK’s seemingly negative attitude lent itself to Harry Connick, Jr.’s theory that she didn’t really want to be on the show at all. While she insisted she did, she never gave off that impression. Other hopefuls may come off timid (we’re talking to you, Sam Woolf!), but there’s a difference between being shy and having a bad ‘tude. And, despite an extremely lackluster performance by Dexter Roberts this past week, the country singer has shown us that he not only wants to be there, but he also wants to win.

There’s no denying MK had one of the most unique voices in the competition this year. If she can work on her stage presence, she’ll be one to watch on the American Idols LIVE! Tour later this summer.

We know the audience didn’t seem all that happy with last night’s outcome. Do you agree that MK should have gone home? Sound off in the comments!

03.21.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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