True Blood: Should Season 6 Be Its Last?
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True Blood

True Blood: Should Season 6 Be Its Last?

We don’t want to enrage any of our Truebie readers, but does anyone else feel like Season 6 of True Blood should maybe be its last? Even before the departure of showrunner Alan Ball, this supernatural series was starting to feel more and more chaotic. Each episode is packed with so much activity and so many characters and storylines that it’s hard to know where to focus our attentions, although, of course, we’ll gladly focus them ALL on Alcide’s abs.

But seriously, True Blood has lost its cleaner, more linear (and exciting) flow in favor of a gossipy soap-opera format that seems scattered. And while this season’s premiere started off with a bang, Episodes 2 and 3 left us feeling a little cheated. Where is it going wrong? Wetpaint has a few ideas:

The faerie situation

As Sookie Stackhouse herself said “I’m a faerie? How fucking lame.” And we have to agree, it kind of is. The scenes with Sookie figuring out her family history have by and large been located squarely in Boresville, and the faerie’s hideout resembling a kinky burlesque club didn’t solve that problem. We can only assume the writers felt the same way, since Warlow recently slaughtered every fae in that place, leaving it blood-spattered and empty.

And sure, the arrival of Great Grandpa/Faerie King Niall was kind of exciting … at first. But now that he’s been around for a bit and his powers, while stronger, seem to be the same kind of light-blasting essence all the other fae have, eh. Being a faerie still seems pretty lame. Especially since Niall revealed that Sookie is a royal “Faerie Princess.” Sigh. We’re not even sure if the fact that Ben is Warlow can save this storyline.

Too many new characters

We lost some important vampire characters during The Authority/Sanguinsta struggle, but replacing them with a bunch of randos doesn’t seem necessary. We’re sort-of down with Governor Burrell and his daughter Willa for now, because they’re essential to the Human Vs. Vamps war that’s brewing and we like the tension between Willa and Eric. But what’s up with Nicole Wright and her band of cause-loving hipsters? We guess what’s up now is that they’re wolf chow, or at least it looked like that after their bungled attempt to approach the pack!

We’re not sure exactly who survived, or if Nicole is intended to be Luna’s replacement as Sam’s love interest (will that wolf bite turn her into a were?), but they better bump up her role and make it more interesting soon, or we’ll continue to yawn about this new addition.

Too much going on

Each episode this season has given the human/vamp war and faerie madness equal time, but we’ve only seen tiny amount of various other side plots, which means other characters have been spread thin.

For example, we’re glad to see the Shreveport werewolf pack getting more screen time, but Alcide’s sudden desire to rip Emma away from Sam seems like a cheap dramatic device since it’s totally against character, as does him beating Sam to a pulp to get her back. Plus, is the whole season going to be Alcide and the wolves taking Emma, and then Sam stealing her back over and over again? We hope not.

Something else Season 6 hasn’t devoted much time to is Andy Bellefleur and his turbo-growing faerie daughters. They’ve only popped up for a few minutes each episode, and last we saw they were rebellious teens, so next time we see them, will they be full grown adults? It’d be nice to know more about them so we could, you know, care about them … since it seems like Bill is planning to steal them to synthesize their blood. Also, Hi Holly! We miss you, and hope you get to do something more interesting than scowl at Andy and shoot glass jars off a stump soon.

Speaking of characters fading into the background, wasn’t Lafayette supposed to team up with Sam to go and get Emma? We definitely need to see more of THAT guy, and not just as Emma’s gay-bysitter. And Terry and Arlene made one brief appearance in the first episode, but have since been ignored. Sad, since Arlene provided some of the greatest sass of the season.

Billith’s bi-polar personality

At the end of Season 5, we thought for sure that the newly regenerated Bill/Lilllith God-thing would reign down some mass destruction and murder everyone in his path. He looked like pure evil, right? Like he was going to rip everyone’s hearts out and devour them whole. The beginning of the Season 6 premiere seemed to solidify that belief, but then just as quick as the Bill creature shot into the sky, he was cleaned up and back to his old, gentlemanly self, albeit with a new self-importance.

We’re puzzled about his dual nature right now, and we’re not sure we care enough about old Bill to want parts of him still around. C’mon, Bill! Stop acting like your old, fatherly self with Jessica while you figure out what you are. Give us something to really worry about. At least we know you’re a terrible ex-boyfriend, but why aren’t you using those newfound powers to seriously mess with the humans yet?

Should it keep going?

Don’t get us wrong, we’re still loyal True Blood fans! We just crave the smoothness of past seasons, and we want all of our favorite characters to have equal screen time. All we can say is “Thank Lillith” that the show still has some scorchingly hot sex scenes … although it does seem like there haven’t been quite as many as usual lately.

Even if Season 6 is just off to a rocky start and improves as it goes along, we’re not sure True Blood should keep going. It might be time to pack it up and say goodbye, as long as we get some resolution, and hopefully a naked Sookie and Eric reunion first.

Has True Blood run its course? Or do you want it to continue for at least one more season after this one? Tell us what you think!

07.8.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Amie Simon
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