Should Dancing With the Stars Shake Up Its Pro Lineup More?
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Dancing With The Stars

Should Dancing With the Stars Shake Up Its Pro Lineup More?

Dancing With the Stars is an interesting beast in the world of reality competition shows. Unlike most such programs, DWTS doesn't exactly have a whole new cast each year. Yes, the stars change every season, but many of the pros stick around for years and years and years.

This creates an interesting dynamic that has its pluses and minuses. It means that fans can get as invested as the pros as they do in the stars — or oftentimes, even more so. Meryl Davis earned her Season 18 win fair and square, but the story of M&M's rise to the top also put a lot of emphasis on the fact that this was finally Maksim Chmerkovskiy's time to win the Mirror Ball after 13 seasons. Likewise, there is always plenty of chatter about Derek Hough's bazillion (OK, five) wins, and whether he gets an unfair number of talented partners.

Having pros we know, love, and are invested in is part of the appeal of the show. At the same time, sometimes we need a shakeup, and with the troupe waiting in the wings, we know there are a lot of talented dancers ready to step up to the task of teaching as a pro. Is it time for Dancing With the Stars to radically reinvent its lineup?

We're not saying we want to see a season of all freshmen pros or anything like that, but we have noticed some fans calling for the long time pros — we're talking the people who have been around for five or more years — to take some time off to allow relative newbies like Henry Byalikov, Witney Carson, Sasha Farber, Emma Slater, and some of the other troupe members a chance to show off their skills with real contenders. After all, fresh personalities and choreography styles could make for new and exciting dynamics.

On the other hand, we'd definitely miss the old faves if they left. So we want to know: Do you think the show should revamp its lineup, at least for a season, or do you prefer the normal the mix of mostly older pros with some new faces thrown in?

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