Should Sookie and Alcide Have Had Sex in True Blood Season 5?
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True Blood

Should Sookie and Alcide Have Had Sex in True Blood Season 5?

When Sookie and Alcide started drunkenly making out in True Blood Season 5, we thought we would finally see some faerie on werewolf action.

“I’ve waited so long for this,” Alcide said in the scene, but before the sexytime could commence, Sookie threw up all over his shoes. Moment = ruined!

And even if the pair had been able to recover from that disgusting moment, Eric and Bill appeared in the doorway afterward, seeking Alcide and Sookie’s help to find Russell Edgington.

Though Eric glamoured Alcide into thinking that Sookie was repulsive, the faerie was able to patch things up by melding minds. But they still didn’t pick up where they started, instead not sharing as much as a longing glance for the rest of the season.

So, what gives? Creator Alan Ball recently told TVLine that Sookie had too much on her plate to fall in love with Alcide, but that it “doesn’t mean that door is closed.” But honestly, it feels like maybe the moment has passed.

What do you think, Truebies? Should Alcide and Sookie have had sex in Season 5, or do you think they’ll hook up next season? Relive the moment below and then share your thoughts in the comments!