The Vampire Diaries: Should Caroline Move to New Orleans to Be on The Originals?
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The Vampire Diaries: Should Caroline Move to New Orleans to Be on The Originals?

We know the Klaroline ship has sailed on The Vampire Diaries, but that doesn’t mean we can stop dreaming. We’ve been wanting Klaus and Caroline to get together ever since the Mikaelson family ball in Season 3, but we wanted to know what you thought about the potential couple. It turns out, we aren’t the only ones rooting for Klaus and Caroline to be together!

Wetpaint Entertainment teamed up Viggle LIVE! to ask viewers of they thought Caroline should pack up and move to New Orleans to be with Klaus on The Originals — and a whopping 74 percent of Vigglers said yes! Meanwhile, 26 percent thought she was too valuable to leave The Vampire Diaries.

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We have to agree with both sides. While we’d love to see Caroline make her way onto The Originals — after all, she did want to explore the world — right now, she’s needed on The Vampire Diaries. In fact, we couldn’t imagine TVD without her. Who else is going to figure out the truth behind “Elena’s” odd behavior? We need Caroline’s expert snooping to solve the case!

As for Klaroline, well, never say never. “The thing is Klaus has got a lot going on on The Originals, and somewhere in there there's room for a little bit of romance down the road,” executive producer Julie Plec told E! Online back in January. “Really, this was more about giving that storyline the ending, I guess, for now at least, that it needed, that it didn't have yet.”

There may be “romance down the road” for Klaus, but we don’t think he’s going to forget about that sexy romp in the woods anytime soon.

Until we get a straight answer from Julie Plec & Co., we highly suggest you head over to Viggle, download the app, and then go back to watching TV — while earning points toward cool stuff! Like, maybe, a gift card to by a life-size replica of Klaus' horse drawing for Caroline...

02.17.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Crystal Bell
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