Should Vicki Gunvalson Have Taken Over Control of Tamra’s Bachelorette Party?
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Should Vicki Gunvalson Have Taken Over Control of Tamra’s Bachelorette Party?

We were ready for some proper insanity on Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8, Episode 10 as the ladies headed to Puerto Vallarta for Tamra Barney’s bachelorette party. But things definitely got off to a slow start.

After checking into their hotel, the Housewives went to a fancy dinner that seemed to bore most of the women to tears. Even Tamra, as the guest of honor, seems to lose . Itching for some action, Vicki Gunvalson talks about wanting to “whoop it up” in the city. But having planned most of the trip themselves, Gretchen Rossi and Heather Dubrow are hesitant about going out since they have a tour guide coming to meet them in the morning.

But once dinner ends, Vicki decides to take the reigns of the bachelorette party and sneaks off with both Tamra and Lydia McLaughlin into the city while Gretchen and Tamra are in the bathroom.

Tamra doesn’t seem to mind, noting that she and Vicki have so much fun together. As the trio wander down the street toward Vicki’s favorite places in Puerto Vallarta, Vicki says to the camera, “Bye bye Gretchen.”

Meanwhile, Gretchen and Heather are waiting in the limo, totally confused about where the other women are. Gretchen in particular is fuming, and she blames Vicki for ruining her carefully planned evening.

Should Vicki have commandeered the bachelorette party, or was she out of line in trying to show the Tamra a good time?

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