“Should We Do a Three-Way Kiss?” and Other Quotes From ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 5
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America's Next Top Model

“Should We Do a Three-Way Kiss?” and Other Quotes From ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 5

Three of the models got to be writers this week, but of course, the best parts of the show continue to be unscripted. Here are the top quotes from ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 5 (March 23, 2011).

9. Molly: I hate weaves!
The rash probably sealed the deal on that one.

8. Tyra: When I call you back, I will announce which girl is extinct.

7. Monique: Okay, you’re a California surfer, awesome-rock-rad chick, totally awesome.
And believe it or not, she was the best director of the day.

6. Tyra (to Hannah): I like that you can do a soft commercial and then you can be a high fashion girl. I’m turning into a Jamaican with my accent and I don’t know why. Thank you very much.
No, no, thank you.

5. Rachel Zoe (on Kasia): When she walked out I thought, "inexpensive."
Ohhh no she didn't!

4. Tyra (to Mikaela): You need to grab onto the handlebars of fierceness and not let go.
Like riding a bike. (Maybe.)

3. Jay (to all the models): Well, I’m sure by now you know that one of you is going to be America’s
Next Top Model, right?
Get out! That’s exciting.

2. Monique (to Molly and Alexandria): Do you want to hug? Should we hug or something? Do a three-way kiss?
That’s quite a “or something.”

1. Jaclyn (on Alexandria, Molly and Monique): They are fighting like dogs and cats!


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