Are Bachelor Couples Required to Get Married in California?
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Are Bachelor Couples Required to Get Married in California?

There haven’t been a lot of weddings coming out of The Bachelor and Bachelorette, but all four of the televised Bachelor Nation weddings to date have taken place in California. Why is that strange? Well, because none of the couples who got married live in the Golden State.

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette seasons usually start in L.A., so that's kind of home base. But does ABC dictate where the pairs trade vows, if they want to get hitched — and paid to do it — on TV?

A fan asked Season 6 Bachelorette/knower of all things Ali Fedotowsky if couples are contractually obligated to marry in California. “No,” she answered in her E! News blog. “Back in the day when I was talking to ABC about potentially having a televised wedding [with ex-fiancé Roberto Martinez], we were going to have it in Hawaii. But I think ABC prefers to have them in CA because it's easier to get the crew there, rather than flying everyone somewhere else. But they are 100% open to it; they just usually ask if CA is ok.”

Well, if they ask if Cali is OK, the couples probably feel pressured to say yes. After all, look at everything they’re getting on ABC’s dime! Wouldn’t you feel like you were putting everyone out if you made them transfer production to your location? Add to that the fact that all four weddings have taken place in months that are a little chilly elsewhere, and we can see why they'd pick California.

The most recent Bachelor nuptials — Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici’s January 26 wedding — took place in Santa Barbara. Cat had already moved herself from Seattle to L.A. while he was on Dancing With the Stars, then to Sean’s hometown of Dallas. But when it came time for their live wedding, they returned to the coastal Cali region where they first met.

Reigning Bachelorette couple Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried could break with tradition, whenever the Seattleites get married. Des told InTouch Weekly she loves destination weddings, but over the summer she admitted she was all over the place on the location, changing her mind from a small chapel to a winery. We’ll have to see where they settle, whenever those details emerge.

Do you think they should change Bachelor wedding locations, with the couples getting married in their own towns or at their exotic finale locations, or would it be bad luck to break with tradition?

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