Orange is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black Stars Before They Were Inmates (VIDEO)

Orange Is the New Black has introduced us to many amazing actresses. For a lot of its stars, it's their first breakout role, but some of them have had memorable parts in the past. Want a refresher on who you might know from before they went behind bars? This video has got you covered.

Star Trek fans know that long before she played Red, Kate Mulgrew wore red as the franchise's first female captain, Captain Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager. But despite already being famous, Kate apparently practically begged for the role of Red. Good thing the casting director was smart enough to give her what she wanted!

Meanwhile, we all know Laura Prepon was on The 70s Show, but are you aware that she originally auditioned to play Piper, not Alex? But don't worry, she's not upset about the role she got. "I was like, the manipulative, drug smuggling lesbian, Alex?" she jokes. "Cool, she's a badass!'"

Oh, and let's not forget Jason Biggs and his American Pie past. But did he really have sex with a pie? You'll have to watch the interview to see what he has to say about that...

For all that and more, check out the video above.