Dancing With the Stars Showrunner: We Don’t Fix the Votes — “This Isn’t the Derek Hough Conspiracy Society”
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Showrunner: We Don’t Fix the Votes — “This Isn’t the Derek Hough Conspiracy Society”

Every season, right around now, the Dancing With the Stars fandom gets a little touchy. It shows how passionate we all are about the show, but no matter who wins Season 18 tomorrow, someone will inevitably cry foul. It was rigged! It was fixed! ABC wanted X to win! The producers wanted Y to lose!

Since Derek Hough has won the show five times, some fans grumble that the votes are skewed to favor “the golden boy.” Then again, when Derek and Shawn Johnson didn’t win All-Stars, some fans said the producers/ABC must’ve rigged the win for Melissa Rycroft. So you really can’t win.

DWTS showrunner Conrad Green is checking out after Season 18, which is probably why he was extra candid about all things DWTS in his exit interview with The Hollywood Reporter. He still loves the show, though, and said some of the negative comments about DWTS “can be a bit soul-destroying.”

When asked which negative comments upset him the most, he answered, “When people write in that they think we’re fixing the votes. Have you ever seen the Broadcast Standards people? They go around checking every vote that comes in. So the idea that we’re sitting here, the evil puppet masters saying ‘That judge should say that to Maks’ and ‘This judge should give a 7’ — it’s like, why would I care? And if I did care, why would I have Derek win every f-cking time? Know what I mean? It’d be a much different show if I could control the destiny of everyone. It isn’t a big conspiracy. This isn’t the Derek Hough Conspiracy Society. It’s a dance show.”

So don’t blame him or the producers if the result doesn’t go the way you’d like. Blame your fellow fans, or the couples if they don’t perform that well, or the judges if they offer low scores. Or maybe just blame Conrad anyway, since he’s leaving. Before he goes, though, maybe he should pitch ABC a show called The Derek Hough Conspiracy Society, since it would probably do pretty well with both Hough lovers and haters!

Producer manipulation is rampant in reality TV, but have you ever suspected DWTS of fixing the votes, or do you accept the results as a fair — if not always popular — reflection of majority rule?

The DWTS Season 18 Finals will air over two nights: Monday, May 19 from 8 to 9:30 p.m. ET and Tuesday, May 20 from 9 to 11 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter