Showtime’s The Borgias Officially Cancelled: How Was it Supposed to End?
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Showtime’s The Borgias Officially Cancelled: How Was it Supposed to End?

Update: Sad news for Borgias fans! Deadline is now reporting that Showtime has officially dumped the series, making the upcoming season finale on June 16 its last episode ever.

Series creator Neil Jordan told Deadline that he and the cast are "heartbroken" that the series won't continue. Instead of trying to find some other kind of delivery for the ending that nobody will see, he decided to just tell us what would've happened if The Borgias had seen a Season 4 like The Tudors did. True to Neil's word, he did plan for Jeremy Irons's Pope to "die horribly":

As for how Jordan envisioned The Borgias to end, “I wanted a totally biblical ending, for the pope to burn in hell,” he said. That is how he wrote the proposed two-hour finale, with the pope dying and no one willing to hear his confession. When they finally find a confessor and the pope starts to repent his sins, the confessor interrupts him, saying, “I’m sorry, it’s too late, you’re already dead and burning in hell.” “This satisfies all moral feelings about the pope,” Jordan said. He is now returning to movies, keeping up hope he could still make the proposed Borgias two-hour finale, maybe as a feature.

Whoa! Hopefully we'll be able to see this as part of a movie, spoiler aside. Would you watch a Borgias film?

Source: Deadline, TVLine

Original Story, May 8, 2013:

If you're watching The Borgias on Showtime, treasure it now 'cause the end may be nigh.

According to Deadline, producers originally planned for The Borgias to last for four seasons, like Showtime's The Tudors, but now The Powers That Be are reportedly leaning away from doing a full Season 4.

“I would like to finish it with a two-hour movie,” show creator Neil Jordan told the British press. “Another 10 episodes is kind of exhausting. I’ve mapped out a movie, which, if [Showtime brass] agree, will shoot in June with the same cast, and finally the Pope will die horribly.”

Plans may change as the current season airs and grows, but what do you think of the idea of a two-hour movie, or something like that, wrapping up the story instead of another 10 episodes?

Source: Deadline

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