Si Robertson: 5 Things to Know About the Duck Dynasty Breakout
Si Robertson: 5 Things to Know About the Duck Dynasty Breakout
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Si Robertson: 5 Things to Know About the Duck Dynasty Breakout


It’s been a rough couple of days for the Duck Dynasty crew. Yesterday, family patriarch Phil Robertson put a major dent in the mega-popularity of the A&E reality show when his anti-gay and semi-racist remarks in a January GQ interview went public. With all of the hubbub around Phil and his controversial beliefs, it’s easy to forget about the real star of Duck Dynasty: Phil’s hilarious brother Si.

Now that A&E has suspended Phil, Uncle Si seems to be the obvious replacement for his big bro as the focus of the show. So let’s get to know Si a little more, shall we?

His brother Phil is his best friend.

As Si has shared in interviews, he’s always looked up to his older brother, often tagging along with Phil and his then-girlfriend, now-wife Kay when the two were in high school. He followed his brother into playing football for the school’s team, and even wore the same #10 jersey on the field. He loves his bro so much that he now works for him at his company, Duck Commander, fashioning the reeds that go into their patented duck calls.

He was a good student in college — despite skipping class.

Like Phil, Si attended Louisiana Tech, though he was less of an athlete and more of a — get this — scholar! As he shared in his recent memoir, Si-cology 1: Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty's Favorite Uncle, he had some trouble always making it to class, but with his natural smarts, he was still able to pull off mostly As. However, he ended up dropping out after three semesters, and was soon drafted to the Vietnam War.

He’s a Vietnam War vet.

Also discussed in his book are Uncle Si’s tough experiences as a young soldier stationed in Vietnam. The veteran opened up about battling alcoholism while overseas, a nasty habit that had him carrying a fifth of liquor in his pocket at all times.

“I drank so much beer and whiskey in Vietnam that I decided I would quit drinking alcohol altogether once I returned home,” he writes. “I saw what alcohol was doing to me in Vietnam and realized I needed to stop for good.”

But his time as a soldier doesn’t only hold bad memories for Si. In many episodes of the A&E show, you will still see him sharing war stories with his coworkers at Duck Commander.

He’s a happily-married, family man.

Though the duck hunter might seem to be a bachelor on the show — earning him his fair share of marriage proposals from fans — in reality he’s a true family man, with a wife of over four decades, and two grown children.

"One woman has already got my heart, we've been married for 43 years and her name is Miss Christine," he’s said. In fact, Si was so sure that she was “the one” that he asked for her hand in marriage about 100 times before she finally said yes. Now that’s persistence!

He loves to golf.

Uncle Si considers himself a bit of an amateur golfer — emphasis on the “amateur.” But don’t misread this guy by his beard, he really does love to hit the links. He’s even posted a YouTube video sharing some of his tips for technique on the course. It’s actually quite hilarious and definitely worth a watch!

Are you still an Uncle Si fan? What do you think of this Phil controversy? Let us know down below.

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