Sia Reflects on Lea Michele’s “If You Say So”: Everything in the Song Is True
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Sia Reflects on Lea Michele’s “If You Say So”: Everything in the Song Is True

Hottest singer and songwriter of the moment, Sia, wrote a few numbers for Lea Michele’s (Rachel) album Louder, but perhaps her most important contribution to the record was “If You Say So” which she wrote for Lea after Cory Monteith (Finn) tragically passed away last summer.

Sia was a guest on The Howard Stern Show earlier this month and Howard noted how the pragmatic performer is “like a doctor” whom people turn to for help. He then segued into Sia’s work with Lea, noting that the songwriter had a similar experience when she was 22 and lost her boyfriend in a car accident.

Howard asked Sia is she had a song already written for Lea once she learned the Glee star wanted to add a song to the album after Cory’s death, but Sia explained the pair actually collaborated on “If You Say So” with Sia giving Lea a portion of the rights to the song.

“That’s why I gave her publishing because she told me the full story. I didn’t want to pry, I didn’t know how much she wanted to tell me about everything that had gone down, it’s really up to her — how much she wants me to know and what she’s going to allow me to express in the song — and she told me everything.

“I took what she told me and I turned it into a song,” Sia continued. “And every single thing in that song is true except ‘It’s been seven whole days’ because it had been 14 days.”

Hearing from Sia that just about everything in the song is true really adds a whole new dimension to the already emotional ballad. It’s obvious that writing the song was a challenging and emotional experience for both women, but Sia said she’s very pleased with the final product. “[It’s] beautiful. She killed it. She sang it way better than I did,” she said.

Lea’s already announced plans for a second album, and we can only hope that she’s able to collaborate with Sia again. Clearly these two make a great pair.

Listen to Sia’s entire chat with Howard below and tell us your thoughts in the comments!

06.26.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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