\'Siesta Key’ Premiere Canceled Due to Death Threats Over Animal Abuse Scandal
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‘Siesta Key’ Premiere Canceled Due to Death Threats Over Animal Abuse Scandal


MTV’s new show Siesta Key hadn’t even started airing before it had its first scandal.

The Laguna Beach-inspired reality series, following good-looking 20-somethings in the wealthy Florida Gulf, was set to have a premiere party in Sarasota, Florida this week.

However, the network was forced to cancel the event after cast member Alex Kompothecras received death threats!

The threats came after a viral video last week showed a hammerhead shark being dragged to death.

Though Alex can’t be seen in the video, he has been confirmed as a friend of at least one of the men shown abusing the animal.

And animal rights activists are not going to let that slide.

After the clip hit the web, three women organized a protest called Boycott Siesta Key MTV, which has 8,500 Facebook fans and growing.

Death threats against Alex ensued, and the soon-to-be reality star’s father,  Dr. Gary Kompothecras, confirms to The Tampa Bay Times the party was then called off.

“I wouldn't say that's the only reason. There are other reasons,” the chiropractor/mogul tells the publication, choosing not to elaborate the specific "other reasons.”

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As mentioned, his son has not been identified as one of the men in the video — though the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission does know the identities of the three men.

A spokesman from the agency says they will not reveal those names as the investigation is ongoing. No charges have been filed yet, either.

Meanwhile, Alex posted a (now deleted) message to Facebook denouncing the abuse and maintaining his innocence in the ordeal.

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“I had absolutely nothing to do with the shark video,” he wrote. "Yes he's a friend of mine, but no I don't agree with what he did. Check your facts before you go posting on my page. Thanks.”

That’s not enough for a lot of people, however — including the Vanderpump Rules cast!

A number of stars from the Bravo series have been outspoken on social media in their disapproval of MTV for the show.

Lala Kent has been posting up a storm about boycotting the show, digging into Alex’s account and highlighting his “animal cruelty.”

Unrelated to animals, Lala also called out Alex for his “racist remarks” like the one below.

Her co-star Kristen Doute got in on the action, as well, taking to Twitter to call for the show to be canceled.

She tweeted, “This is sick and inhumane! @alexkompo tortures innocent animals ???? RT and get THIS SHOW CANCELED! @MTV @SiestaKey.”

And much of the rest of the cast, including Stassi Schroeder, have been retweeting these posts, showing their disgust with the situation.

Now we’ll have to wait and see what MTV does in response!

Siesta Key premiered Monday at 10 p.m. on MTV.