Lamar Odom Likely to Sign with Los Angeles Clippers — For HOW Much? (UPDATE)
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Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom Likely to Sign with Los Angeles Clippers — For HOW Much? (UPDATE)

Update (11/17/13): Lamar Odom admits that, while his prospects with the Clippers may be looking good, nothing's set in stone yet. When TMZ cameras caught up with the troubled baller at LAX and asked him if his contract with his former team was a done deal the NBA star said, "Not yet."

However, giving credence to recent reports that he's been living with father-in-law Bruce Jenner to get sober and to work on his athletic performance, he told reporters that Bruce is keeping his head above water, post-split. “He’s good," said a healthy-looking Lamar. "He’s doing well.”

Original story:

It looks like Lamar Odom's career luck is about to rebound.

The 34-year-old basketball player who is married to Khloe Kardashian met for two hours with the Los Angeles Clippers on November 15, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Lamar played with the team last season on a one-year contract but had yet to resign with the team, and his future with the NBA seemed to be in jeopardy after his DUI — not to mention the emergence of myriad drug rumors in August 2013.

Indeed, team members were said to be pleasantly surprised to see Lamar meeting with the team this week. "Everyone was shocked, but it was a good surprise," says a source.

"I wouldn't say a deal [with the Clippers] is imminent, but I'd be surprised if it doesn't happen," adds an ESPN source.

Lamar Odom Likely to Sign with Los Angeles Clippers — For HOW Much? (UPDATE)
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Apparently, all that stands between Lamar putting on a Clipper jersey again is him passing his physical. "There is a familiarity with [the Clippers], and they are confident he will be able to help them out,” reports Hollywood Life. “The overall thoughts are that he will not be a cancer to the locker room because he is friendly with most of team from last year."

So just how much is Lamar probably going to make with the new deal? Hollywood Life is reporting that he is likely to sign a contract for the league minimum, which would be about $1.4 million. Not too shabby.

We're now curious what this will mean for his marriage to Khloe. We're hoping that this new stability in Lamar's life not to mention a need to stay clean while playing basketball will get him back to being the man Khloe fell in love with and will help them get back together.

Do you think Lamar will have a good season with the Clippers? And will this help him repair things with Khloe?

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