Can We Please Talk About the Silver Fox Reporter in \'Making a Murderer\'?
aaron keller making a murderer

Making a Murderer

Can We Please Talk About the Silver Fox Reporter in ‘Making a Murderer’?


If you’ve watched even one episode of the Netflix docuseries Making a Murderer, you know it gets pretty bleak and depressing. But there are a few bright spots throughout this brutally disturbing look at a broken criminal justice system… like silver fox reporter Aaron Keller.

Seriously, Anderson Cooper has nothing on this guy. Look at that jawline! That chin dimple!

Aaron Keller Making a Murderer

We’re not alone in noticing this sexy journalist, either. Twitter and Reddit are full of Aaron Keller appreciators.

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Aaron, who according to his LinkedIn profile worked for NBC26 in Green Bay at the time of filming, has since obtained a law degree. We like to imagine the injustices he saw in this trial inspired that move.

The salt-and-pepper hottie is currently an adjunct professor of English and Communications at New Hampshire Technical Institute in Concord, where we have a feeling they might experience a small uptick in enrollment.

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Aaron isn’t the only videogenic journalist from the docuseries getting attention. Many are crushing on skeptical field reporter Angenette Levy.

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 She's not only a great journalist but an actual heroine. Like, she rescued a baby.

A still more ardent fan club is also forming around Steven Avery’s defense team — particularly the often emotional and always passionate Dean Strang.

We guess when you're watching 10 hours of miscarriage of justice, you gotta find a bright side!

Making a Murderer is now streaming in its entirety on Netflix.