Simon Cowell Is “The Biggest Diva,” Says Kelly Rowland
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Simon Cowell Is “The Biggest Diva,” Says Kelly Rowland

She may be new to the X Factor judging panel, but Kelly Rowland already knows one thing for sure.

“Simon Cowell is the biggest diva,” Kelly told TV host Jimmy Kimmel on October 28. “It’s three women up there but Simon is the biggest diva.”

We don’t exactly need proof that the 54-year-old English multi-millionaire is indeed what Kelly says, but just in case, the Destiny’s Child member has a hilarious story of what life is like at The X Factor.

“If you go backstage you know that nice powdered light area? Simon has more stuff on his little trays...Lotions, mints, hair spray, gel, the Perfect Pushup machine.”

Hold up. Simon does pushups? Jimmy seems to be thinking the same thing as he asks Kelly if working out is what makes Simon’s nipples “so very erect all the time” and so clearly visible through his trademark tight V-neck shirts.

“Have you ever caught him making his V deeper?” fellow guest and happy newlywed Dax Shepard asked. “I imagine he gets those shirts and [is like], ‘Not nearly deep enough for me.’”

“I wouldn’t be surprised!” Kelly chimes in and, honestly, neither would we.

What do you think? Does Simon Cowell deserve all the teasing or should his fellow judges cut him a break? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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