Simon Cowell Not Leaving His $300 Million Fortune to His Son?!

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Simon Cowell Not Leaving His $300 Million Fortune to His Son?!

When we fantasize about being a boy growing up with Simon Cowell as our father, we imagine the most valuable gifts dad could impart are the secrets to wearing a deep V-neck shirt, or maybe how to insult (oops, we mean “flirt with”) a woman and still have her fall in love with you. Well, those things and his quarter-billion-plus dollars, of course. Unfortunately, Simon says we wouldn’t see a dime — and neither will his actual kid!

Between his ventures as record producer, show producer / production company owner, and ventures as judge on American Idol and X Factor, Simon has racked up a pretty penny. In fact, he’s currently worth more than 300 million dollars!

Simon recently found out that he’s expecting a son with Lauren Silverman, socialite and former wife of a friend of his. And while we have no doubt that his son will be raised with no expense spared, dude better not get used to it.

In an interview with Esquire UK (via Us Weekly), Simon said of not taking it with him, "I'm going to leave my money to somebody. A charity, probably -- kids and dogs. I don't believe in passing on from one generation to another." However, Us stipulates that the quote may have been given before Simon found out about his son. Either way, though, it sounds like the kid better enjoy his life while his pops is around.

It’s not often you hear of famous people disinheriting their offspring. Joan Crawford cut her two oldest adopted children, Christina and Christopher, out of her will "for reasons which should be well known to them." Chilling! Charlie Chaplin’s wife also had a contemptuous parent — Oona O'Neill’s playwright father told her: "All the publicity you have had is the wrong kind, unless your ambition is to be a second-rate movie actress of the floozie variety." Michael Jackson failed to include any of his siblings in his will, and Bette Davis disinherited the daughter who’d written a tell-all book about the legendary actress.

Poor little Cowellito hasn’t even done anything to cross his father, yet. Still, it's great news for humanity, right? Although we never figured Simon for an animal and kid-lover, it’s always delightful to discover that the tin man has a heart.

Are you surprised that Simon isn’t planning to leave his money to his child?

Source: Us Weekly

09.6.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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