Simon Cowell Told Candice Glover She’d Never Have a Real Music Career
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Simon Cowell Told Candice Glover She’d Never Have a Real Music Career

You’re not anyone until you’ve been told you’re nothing by Simon Cowell. Not only did the acerbic judge famously tell Jennifer Hudson she was out of her depth on Season 3 of American Idol, but he reportedly told season 12 winner Candice Glover she was destined (or rather doomed!) to be a lounge singer.

The powerhouse vocalist sat down with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show and revealed the heart wrenching critique he gave her.

"Season nine, he was not a fan and he told me that I would be a lounge singer and I would, like sing in a hotel lobby and people would eat peanuts and turn their heads.”

"Like he pretty much painted a picture about how unsuccessful I would be but I honestly thank him for that because he pushed me to do better and come back and win three years later," she revealed as she got many cheers from Jay’s audience.

That’s interesting, as she told us in her exit interview that she was also glad that the judges had revealed on American Idol at one point that she wasn’t in their ideal Top 3, as that motivated her to come back with “Lovesong” and “Don’t Make Me Over” the following week. They were two of her strongest performances, and the tables totally turned after that Wednesday night. Hell hath no fury like a Candice scorned!

The conversation with Jay continued:

"I'm guessing you didn't thank him at the time?" Jay asked.

"No, I wasn't thanking him at the moment," Candice admitted.

"What did your mom say?" asked Jay.

"Oh my gosh, my mom said, 'I wonder what he's thinking now,' I wonder if he watches the show, I don't know," she said.

Of course, we all know what J-Hud has gone on to do after being skewered by Simon on the show. Do you think Candice will follow suit?


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