While the continually low-rated X Factor looks to be a sinking ship on this side of the Atlantic, it’s nothing but clear sailing for the show’s UK counterpart. Simon Cowell, one of the key players responsible for having X go international and a judge on the US version, just signed a deal to keep X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent on the air for three more years.

So how much did the music industry mogul make? Before you read further, make yourself a nice cup of tea. You’re going to need it.

The final sum Simon reportedly walked away with: £150 million. That’s upwards of $200 million in the U.S. of A.

The contract supposedly also stipulates that Mr. Nasty, as he’s known abroad, appear on at least one of the programs during the three year time frame, giving gas to rumors Simon may cut his losses with his less successful American ventures.

Simon’s latest business agreement, which was struck between his firm Syco, producer FremantleMedia, and UK network ITV, will go into effect in 2014. That’s a year the US version of X Factor may never see, if new reports concerning the show’s imminent cancellation are to be believed. Where X Factor UK has brought in an average audience of 10 million, Fox’s version of the show struggles to stay above 4 million.

Not that Simon probably gives the situation much thought. He’s laughing all the way to the bank.

Source: Entertainmentwise

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