Simon Cowell’s Baby Mama Says Husband Knew About Affair: Report

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Simon Cowell’s Baby Mama Says Husband Knew About Affair: Report

The woman carrying Simon Cowell's child is reportedly upset that her husband is playing the victim.

Sources close to Lauren Silverman told TMZ her husband — Simon's friend Andrew Silverman — knew about the relationship all along. Not only that, she says he was having his own fun, partying with girls around the world.

Lauren is supposedly telling her friends (who then blab to TMZ) that the Simon relationship developed right in front of Andrew and he never cared. (It has been going on for a while.) They seemed to have an understanding.

So she's upset that he's pretending to be shocked. And she's not giving up custody of their 7-year-old son, so she'll be fighting for him.

If it's true that there was any kind of understanding, he might be this upset because she got pregnant with Simon's kid and now the husband is publicly embarrassed by this big scandal. If she had been discreet, maybe he would've stayed OK with the whole thing? These are clearly not "normal" people so it's hard to even imagine how they think.

Does it change things, to you, if the husband knew she and Simon were more than friends? Or is she still a skankasaurus and Simon’s the shadiest pig of a friend?

Source: TMZ