Guess Who?

This Singer-Actress Is Dead Scary, Then and Now! Who Is It?

Normally, when we play our favorite game of Guess Who? we have to cover the celebrity’s eyes and make you figure it all out with just the clues you’re given. But for this Halloween 2013 edition, we don’t even have to, because this costume is terrifying — and totally obscures her everyday glamour.

This gorgeous gal recently shared a pic of herself as a kid dressed as a zombie and on Halloween 2013, she returned to the terrifying costume. While she looks pretty creepy as a tot, the gashes and blood she sported at Heidi Klum’s Halloween party really bring out her undeadness. Which is funny, since she just started appearing on Live Shows for her starring TV gig.

Don’t know who it is? We’ll give you a few more hints. When not covered in blood and gore, she proudly sports several tattoos on her ribcage, hand, arms, and behind her ear, among other places. Although she brought her sister to the party, we’re pretty sure she’s dating someone who’s a lot older than her — and not for the first time!

Think you know who it is? Click through to find out if you’re right!