Singer Kat Dahlia Busted for DUI
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Singer Kat Dahlia Busted for DUI

"Gangsta" singer Kat Dahlia is trying really, really hard to live up to the name of her hit song.

TMZ reports that the Florida-based hip-hop star was arrested for DUI in Miami on Tuesday morning, and that she proceeded to make matters worse for herself almost immediately after cops pulled her over.

When officers stopped Kat's 2013 Nissan, they reportedly got a heavy whiff of alcohol coming from inside the car. In addition to making use of an alcohol-scented air freshener, Kat was slurring her words, which prompted officers to ask her to step outside the car, a request Kat was not terribly pleased to comply with.

When she finally exited the car, the police asked her to take a pretty standard-order sobriety test, but, instead of walking a line and blowing into a breathalyzer, she gave them an expletive-filled piece of her mind.

Getting an inkling that Kat was in a pretty boozy way, the officers attempted to cuff her, but the singer refused to put her hands behind her back, forcing officers to hold her hands together while they slapped the bracelets on.

The police then brought Kat to a local police station, where she was booked for DUI and resisting arrest. Not so gangsta anymore, huh?

Source: TMZ

07.30.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Crow
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