The Singles Project: Lee Gause Is “Banking on Success” in Finding Love — Exclusive
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The Singles Project: Lee Gause Is “Banking on Success” in Finding Love — Exclusive

Looking for love in New York City is the dream — or is it? Bravo is sending six sexy singles on the ultimate dating mission ever, putting their dating lives in the hands of the public and creating a first-of-its-kind social media relationship between the daters and viewers on a new series titled The Singles Project.

Each week the lucky cast will take the Big Apple dating scene by storm with people who applied via social media — or people they meet in everyday life — from Wednesday through Saturday and that footage will be edited down at breakneck speed to air an episode on Tuesday. Who are these brave daters? Allow us to introduce you to to one of the six: dental extraordinaire Lee Gause!

Lee — a UNC-Chapel Hill grad whose Smile Design Manhattan office has Carolina blue floors and dental chairs — is no stranger to looking for love and says his game is through the roof. In an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Lee dishes about his decision to join The Singles Project, what sets this show apart from other reality dating shows, and his ideal girl.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What made you want to join The Singles Project?

Lee Gause: It sounds crazy, but it was a whirlwind and it wasn’t really that well thought out. I got a call in the middle of a busy workday and that’s how the conversation began. A month later I was shooting the promo for the show and it was there that I met my cast members. They’re very cool people, which made me feel comfortable with exposing a very personal part of my life.

Do you think it’ll be hard to balance your busy work life with the show?

Fortunately, as a dentist, I’m able to schedule my life down to the hour. I don’t think it’s going to be an issue because the show is about dating, so that occurs at a time when I’m not in the office. Hopefully it won’t be a disruption at all.

What does your family think about you joining the show?

They’re all excited for me. My brother, I think he may be most excited because he recently found love and he’s my younger brother. He’s super happy in that aspect of his life and is encouraging me to find the same.

My mom wants grandkids. Every dude’s mother would like some grandkids and I think she’s wants them by any means necessary — even if it takes a Bravo show. My family is supportive for sure.

Why are you deciding to look for love — especially on TV — now?

I spent my whole time here, in New York, building my dental practice and I’ve been completely focused on that and I’ve built the practice of my dreams. So now I look forward to focusing on other aspects of my life that I’d like to develop.

What excites you about this show in particular?

I was a biology major at UNC, I have a research background, and I’m a dentist by trade. I’m probably more of a science geek than most and what excites me about this show is, from a scientific standpoint, how it makes a lot of sense.

Many times in relationships we get advice from our best friend, but our best friend may not be a source of good advice. So, really what this show is doing, is giving a big source of input from a lot of people which actually balances out the good noise and the bad noise and gives you, through law of averages, some pretty good advice. I’m excited about the organic nature of the show and the pace of the show.

What sets The Singles Project apart from other reality dating shows?

Our show is unique in that nobody gets kicked off the show. We’re all banking for success and there’s no elimination going on.

I’ve definitely been in love before and I’m definitely open to being in love. Albert Einstein said there’s an element of randomness in life and that time is a function in all things, so I guess timing has to be right in terms of being open to finding a relationship and also you have to have that random alignment of the planets that makes it all work. Maybe I haven’t been the most open to it, love advancing to family, and now I can say that I’m in the point of my life where I’m open to it.

Who is your ideal woman that viewers should be helping you find?

My work life is very structured, fast-paced, and somewhat intense, so in my personal life I like somebody who’s the complete opposite. [My ideal woman is] very chill, funny, lighthearted, interested in things other than science, and somebody who is just a joy to be around.

Why do you think they picked New York City to be the center of the show?

We know Bravo likes a little drama, and dating in New York is probably the hardest place in the country, in my opinion, to date because the city moves so fast. There’s so many incredible people here and there’s so much excitement at all times. It seems like that should make it easier to find love, but it actually makes it harder.

The Singles Project premieres Tuesday, August 12, at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Carson Blackwelder is an Associate Editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow him on Twitter and Google+!

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