The Originals Cast Sings “Happy Birthday” to Paul Wesley at Comic-Con (VIDEO)
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The Originals

The Originals Cast Sings “Happy Birthday” to Paul Wesley at Comic-Con (VIDEO)

Just because The Vampire Diaries and The Originals casts are on different shows, doesn’t mean the former co-stars don’t still love one another. Need proof? At Comic-Con panel for The Originals last weekend, Daniel Gillies (Elijah Mikaelson) insisted in leading the cast and audience in singing happy birthday for Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) — and it was pretty much the sweetest thing ever. Check out the video!

“If you wouldn’t mind, could you join with me in a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ for Paul Wesley who is here?” Daniel asked the crowd, taking a break from the promotion of his own show to give Paul a moment in the spotlight. “I’m gonna lead it, and here we go…”

Yes, then the cast and crowd launched into an enthusiastic round of ‘Happy Birthday’ that brought Paul out onto the stage to say: “Thank you so much. Daniel Gillies, I love you.”

These two have quite the bromance going. In November, Paul confessed his feeling for Daniel at EyeCon in Atlanta: “All I really care about is if Daniel Gillies likes me or not,” he told the crowd gathered. “If I was a woman, I’d be in love with Daniel Gillies. I’m not a woman and I’m in love with Daniel Gillies. He’s the perfect specimen. I was watching The Originals the other day and he looked so good in that suit. He was really still on the screen and then you see that little twinkle in his eyes. Gillies, I’m telling ya, he’s got that suit. I wish I could be as cool as Daniel Gillies.”

Fingers crossed that at least one future The Originals/TVD crossover has these two interacting on screen together again.

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