The Sire Bond vs. the Doppelganger Curse — Which Twist Was Better?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Sire Bond vs. the Doppelganger Curse — Which Twist Was Better?

The Vampire Diaries is known for its insanely awesome plot twists. Two of the biggest recent twists have come in the form of: 1) the gang’s realization that Elena was sired to Damon, and 2) the reveal that Stefan and Elena are the latest in a long line of doppelgangers destined to fall in love. Which twist was better?

The sire bond is a potential complication of the vampire transition process. When someone is turned into a vampire by someone for whom they already have strong feelings, then they may become “sire bonded” to them. Though the sire bond does not affect the emotions of a person, it will affect their actions. A vampire will do anything their sire asks of them.

The sire bond was used as a crazy plot twist in Season 4 when the gang eventually figures out that, in her transition to vampire, Elena became sire bonded to Damon. This totally complicates things because she has decided she wants to be with Damon, but pretty much everyone and their mother thinks it is the sire bond talking. Always — OK, sometimes — the gentleman, Damon vows to find the cure for Elena so she can (hopefully) love him free of the sire bond. Though Elena doesn’t get the cure, Damon does have her turn off her humanity for a while, effectively breaking the sire bond. We think.

Doppelgangers have been part of the TVD mythology since Day One with the early realization that Elena was Katherine’s doppelganger. Over the seasons, we have learned that doppelgangers are the universe’s way of creating balance for an unnatural, immortal event. We also know that, when a doppelganger is still human, her blood tends to have magical properties.

The doppelganger mythology was turned up about one million notches in Season 5 when we met Qetsiyah, the ancient witch who created the immortality spell that she hoped would make she and her beloved Silas forever young. However, Silas steals the spell for himself and his beloved, Amara. The lovers drink it and the universe is forever changed. In an effort to balance their immortality, “shadow selves” (aka doppelgangers) of Silas and Amara are born into the world again and again over the centuries. They always find each other and they always fall in love. Qetsiyah tells Damon that Stefan and Elena, the most recent doppelganger incarnations, are destined to be together.

So, which of these crazy twists is better? We’re actually inclined to favor the doppelganger destiny development, though we will have to wait for it to play out to judge it entirely. While both plot twists seem designed to throw a wrench in the Stefan/Elena/Damon love triangle - or, more accurately, to keep Delena from being completely happy — the doppelganger twist makes narrative sense, as well. It doesn’t feel gimmicky or contrived in the same way the sire bond did. Its direct consequences affect more than just Delena or Stelena because this is also the story of Silas and Amara and Qetsiyah. This is also the story of Katherine. This is an inclusive plot twist that gives many characters something to do, and defines rather than murkies the world of TVD.

Both twists do tend to cause problems with Elena’s agency, however. When the sire bond was first introduced, it was particularly annoying because it robbed Elena her transition into an independent, powerful vampire. Instead, she was more-or-less under Damon’s influence, even if he tried his best not to enact it. The doppelganger destiny thing has a similar effect, suggesting that Elena has no control over her romantic life path. The universe has decided what she wants, and she will eventually want it. Having said that, Damon gave a whole speech about how he wasn’t going to let the universe control his love life, and we hope Elena gets a similar moment in future episodes. We’re tired of watching this girl’s agency get tossed around her like she is constantly stuck in a game of Elena-in-the-Middle wherein the keep-away item is control over Elena’s own life.

Which plot twist do you prefer? Sound off in the comments below!

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