Credit: The CW ©2011 The CW Network. Photo: Dan and Serena of Gossip Girl

These days deflowerings on TV has become less of a gender-specific issue and more of an equal opportunity spectacle worthy of elaborate sets and soundtracks. On Gossip Girl, worldly Serena van der Woodsen bent the traditional roles and seduced virgin Dan Humphrey in a winter love nest she built in a handy empty loft. When Pretty Little Liars' Hanna Marin kissed her V-card goodbye, no mere mattress would do — her and Caleb got down in a tent in the woods. And on Glee, where everything turns into a song and dance number, the group got to wax lyrical about that all-important first time? We think the Rachel/Jesse, Emma/Will, and Finn/Santana "Like a Virgin" musical montage was one of the show's most memorable moments. Actually, now that we reflect on it, as much as we loved Daisy and Abbud's first time, maybe Skins ' next deflowering could incorporate a little of Glee's razzle dazzle. Who wants to see Stanley do jazz hands when he finally loses it?

Credit: THe WB Network Photo: Rory Gilmore and Dean Forester of Gilmore GIrls

As for TV, teen deflowerings used to be similarly sexist. After Brenda Walsh famously lost her virginity to Dylan McKay at the spring dance on Beverly Hills 90210, producers responded to the subsequent moral outrage by writing a pregnancy scare into the next episode. A decade or so later, things got little better for the girls. The OC's Marissa Cooper lost it to meathead boyfriend Luke Ward instead of waiting for Tru Luv Ryan Atwood. On Gilmore Girls, Rory Gilmore shacked up with married man Dean Forester. Things didn't end up super great between the two couples in question, but no one got pregnant and died immediately. (Yes, we know Marissa died eventually but that was four seasons later. Since TV seasons are like dog years, we feel confident stating that her death was not related to her virginity, or lack thereof.) 

Credit: Twentieth Century Fox/Getty Images Photo: Juno MacGuff and Paulie Bleeker in Juno

First, the movies! Cinematic first times tend to be thematically divided down gender lines. For the teenager gentlemen, "nerdy boy trying to lose it before leaving for college" is a tried-and-true movie trope. From the four goofballs of American Pie to every Michael Cera film ever, dudes usually end up successful in their questin' for sexin’ chicks out of their hotness bracket. Congrats, boys! But for the ladies of cinema, their first times could be summed up in the immortal words of Coach Carr from Mean Girls, "Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die." In the quintessential teensploitation film Fast Times at Ridgemont High, 15-year -old Stacy Hamilton loses it and gets pregnant. In the Virgin Suicides, Lux Lisbon loses it to Trip Fontaine on the football field and dies. And perhaps no film better illustrates the difference between girls and boys having sex on film than Juno  — Paulie Bleeker got to enjoy their minute of first time lovin' while Juno MacGruff got knocked up and spent the rest of the movie vomiting up blue Slurpee as she cracked wise. 

Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks Photo: Abbud and Daisy Lay in Bed in Skins Season 1, Episode 8: "Daisy"

Break out the cocktails and don't make them virgins — on last week's Skins, Daisy and Abbud had sex for the first time! To celebrate Daisy and Abbud's awkward-but-adorable hookup, we’re rounding up some of the most famous deflowerings in entertainment history.