Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks Photo: Tony Gets Emotional in Skins Season 1, Episode 10: "Eura"

Where would drunken debauchery and twisted love triangles be without a rockin' soundtrack to set the mood? Get down to the songs that were featured in Season 1, Episode 10, "Eura" — and channel all the Skins drama through your ears.

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Artist: Darkstar
Song: "Dear Heartbeat"

Artist: Starscream
Song: "Gravity In Terms Of Space-Time"

Artist: Starscream
Song: "Kepler's Star Catalog"

Artist: Caveman
Song: "December 28th’"

Artist: Figurines
Song: "Free Today"

Artist: Man Man
Song: "Piranhas Club"

Artist: Lionshare
Song: "Me & Mandy"

Artist: Valleys
Song: "Tan Lines"

Artist: Hooray For Earth
Song: "Surrounded By Your Friends"

Artist: Little Tybee
Song: "Holding Stones"

Artist: Guido
Song: "Shades Of Blue"

Artist: Fat Segal
Song: "Elgrin"

Artist: Fat Segal
Song: "Silly Billy Borg"

Artist: Starscream
Song: "Shout (feat. Danny Flaherty & Britne Oldford)"

Artist: Sophie Barker
Song: "Say Goodbye"

Source: MTV