Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks Photo: Skins Caption Contest: Abbud

In anticipation of Abbud’s Skins episode (Monday, February 21 10/9c on MTV!), we decided to have a little caption contest on our Facebook page. We wanted you to put your own words in Abbud’s oh-so-expressive mouth, and boy, did you deliver — you truly did boob-crazed Abbud proud. We picked our favorite captions, and we’re going to leave it to you to vote for your fav!

Oh, did we mention? The winner will get a 100% genuine Skins script signed by a cast member! So get voting, and if you’re up for the prize, get your friends voting! We’ll announce the winner before Abbud’s episode premieres on Monday.


The eternal question:
Malik W. "Where's the skins, man???"

Christmas is coming early:
Stefanie B. "I’m Abbud, motha trucka and I put the hoe hoe hoe in Christmas, ya hear?"

A polite request:
Rhett D. "Damn gurl, you gonna let me get some?"

Nothing like some friendly competition:
Natasha M. "Wait... Stanley got laid before ME? Must...touch...boobies..."

Hypnotism: the one surefire way to convert a lesbian:
Dylan D. "Stare into my eyes, Tea."

Taking the scenic route:
Jevren S. "Can I go driving in those mountains?"

Close your eyes if you want your present:
David J. "It must be my birthday. Your hiding my balloons under your shirt."

When all else fails, go for a pun:
Moriah C. "Am I turban you on, pretty lady? Tell your sweet bozongas to show the ‘buudster some lovin."



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