Credit: Matt McDonough Photo: Skins' Music Man Matt F.X.

Last night’s Skins US Season 1 finale was the perfect cap to an epic season as well as an AMAZING display of musical talent on the part of stars Danny Flaherty (Stanley)and Britne Oldford (Cadie). We want a Season 2 so bad, we can hardly stand it!

That’s why a certain Tweet from Skins US music director Matt FX just about gave us a heart attack:

@FXFELDMAN: In other news, I'm unemployed. thinking of filing for unemployment. wht shuld i do?!?!?

“Unemployed?” Is Matt FX out of a job and is Skins out of a second season?  Turns out we weren’t the only ones whose minds went there, because a Twitter follower asked Matt the same question, to which he thankfully replied in the negative. When asked if his “unemployment” had any bearing whatsoever on a Season 2, Matt FX responded:

@FXFELDMAN: @willowtweet not at all! even if it does get picked up I'm still unemployed till at least summer..

Whew! We were scared there for a sec...

Source: Twitter