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Jesse Carere

Skins Character: Chris
Before getting his Skins big break, Jesse was just hanging around Toronto, trying — and failing — to get a job. Cue fate! His sister gave him a flyer for the Toronto Open Call and he decided to audition because he'd always wanted to act but didn't think he could afford it, whatever that means.

At the audition, he met future cast members Ron Mustafaa and Britne Oldford, who thought he was perfect for the role of party animal Chris. His new buds told the would-be actor to just be himself — seems like their advice worked! Jesse got the congratulatory phone call on Christmas Eve and the rest is history. He's enjoying filming so much, he's declared that his perfect way to die would be onset. Hopefully not yet — he's got a lot to look forward to. Jesse apparently thinks fame is going to be "awesome."

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