Sofia Black-D'Elia

Skins Character: Tea
Twitter: @SBlackDElia

Eighteen year-old Sofia Black D'Elia is the cast member with the most professional acting experience. She played pregnant teen Bailey Wells on All My Children for 26 episodes but reportedly left the show because she didn’t want to make the cross-country move from New Jersey to California. Why anyone would want to stay in New Jersey is a complete mystery to us but since Skins tapes in Toronto, we can assume she’s gotten over that little geographical issue.

Sofia originally auditioned for the role of Michelle. At the time, the Tea character was Teo, a gay boy. When the gender was switched, Sofia was the first person to read for the role. She found out she got the part from her shrieking mother and celebrated by "shopping for a good amount of time and then getting very drunk."

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