Teen Almost Dies After Trying YouTube Game the “Duct Tape Challenge”
Credit: Siemny Kim on Facebook    


Teen Almost Dies After Trying YouTube Game the “Duct Tape Challenge”


A 14-year-old nearly died after his friends wrapped him in duct tape while standing up.

While the scene sounds like a horrible kidnapping scheme, it’s actually part of a very popular YouTube video trend called the “duct tape challenge.”

Sadly, Skylar Fish smashed his head into a window frame while trying to get free of his sticky confines.

Warning: Graphic images to follow

The teen “immediately began gushing blood,” and was rushed to a local hospital in Washington state, BuzzFeed reports.

His many injuries include a crushed eye socket and blood in his brain, which he needed surgery to release. The damage is similar to what “car crash victims or people who get kicked by a horse” would suffer.

It was so awful, police checked security tapes from the incident to make sure it truly was an accident.

Credit: Siemny Kim on Facebook    

Skylar’s mother apparently didn’t find out about her son’s near-death experience until his friends went to her home and informed her.

“He is really lucky to be alive,” Sarah Fish said about her boy. “He is really lucky to not have brain damage.”

Although his cranium is in tact, the high schooler may not regain vision in his left eye.

Now the Fish matriarch is hoping to stop other children from getting hurt.

“All I can do is bring awareness, so other parents can look and see what kids are getting into,” said Sarah.

Hopefully her plan works.