Slade Smiley Shares His Most Embarrassing RHOC Moment
Credit: Russell Baer for Heiress Magazine via Slade Smiley Myspace    

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Slade Smiley Shares His Most Embarrassing RHOC Moment

It's safe to say that Real Housewives of Orange County star Slade Smiley probably doesn't embarrass quite as easily as the rest of us do but there's still a moment on the show that he's a bit ashamed of.

Slade was asked by Bravo to name his most embarrassing moment from the series, and he definitely brought up a memorable one.

"I would say that the most embarrassing moment, I guess, would be the cock in the sock spray-tan episode," Slade says.

During the scene from Gretchen Rossi's spray-tan party in Season 5, Gretchen and her friends are surprised to see Slade in the tanning tent in all his glory.

"I was being tanned completely nude, but I had a sock covering 'manland,'" he explains. Thank goodness for that sock.

Of course, Slade is a former model, so we can't imagine that stripping down in front of cameras is an entirely new experience for him.

"Oh, my gosh oh, my golly," Gretchen said about the scene at the time. "Yes, we definitely bring the friskiness out in each other."

But Slade claims that he didn't intend for that moment to be immortalized on film.

"I had no idea that [the cameras] were going to be coming around and looking into a tent," Slade adds. "Yeah, that was pretty ridiculous."

Then again, on this show, "ridiculous" is often a relative term.

Source: Bravo