Jenelle Evans Slams Reports That She’s Smoking While Pregnant!
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Slams Reports That She’s Smoking While Pregnant!

Jenelle Evans is baking our future president in her belly, but this Teen Mom 2's pregnancy hasn't been without its fair share of drama. Not only has Jenelle been accused of faking the pregnancy itself, she's been accused of drinking during her first trimester, and now she's being accused of smoking! Sigh, when will this girl catch a break?

Unfortunately, Jenelle recently made the mistake of posting a picture of her school books to Twitter, and said picture featured a pack of cigarettes in the background. Fans and media outlets alike assumed that the cigarettes belonged to Jenelle, and one source told that "Nathan doesn’t smoke, Barbara doesn’t smoke. And the cigarettes clearly don’t belong to Jace, so who else is smoking them?”

Certainly not Jenelle, we can tell you that much! Sure, this girl is known for being irresponsible, but even she knows better than to smoke during pregnancy.

"Every move that I make is watched, and criticized!" Jenelle posted to Sulia. "So when I tweeted this photo of my school books, I should have known the analyzing that would begin because of this photo! The cigarettes in the photo are NOT mine."

Smoking is extremely bad for a developing fetus, so we sincerely hope Jenelle isn't taking drags of Newports in between morning sickness sessions. But just because this girl has a pack of cigarettes on her desk, doesn't mean she's smoking them! The cigs could belong to a friend, or they could even be an old pack from before Jenelle was pregnant.

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Source:, Sulia