Small Town Pizzeria Offers Discount Slices in Exchange for Studying and Good Grades
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Small Town Pizzeria Offers Discount Slices in Exchange for Studying and Good Grades

What a genius idea! The owner of Greenville House of Pizza in Greenville, New Hampshire, is handing out reduced price pizza to students, and there’s only one catch: kids must do their homework in the shop in order to get the discount slices.

The owner of House of Pizza is a 28-year-old army veteran who clearly understands the value of education, as well as the lengths kids will go for a cheap piece of pie.

The “Study Hall Special” offers free homework help from the owner “to the extent that he is able,” as well as reduced slice prices of 35 cents. If kids complete the assignments to the owner’s satisfaction, they also earn a bonus root beer float. In addition, the owner also offers free slices to high school students who earn A’s on their report cards.

Adults shouldn’t be too jealous grown ups can get stuff, too! House of Pizza will give a free large pie to anyone who can recite the Gettysburg Address from memory (Here’s a hint for anyone planning to visit House of Pizza anytime soon).

Although I won’t be channeling Abe Lincoln anytime soon, my kids would be all over this idea. They love pizza and root beer and especially getting bribes for completing homework. What a great way to support the community and earn goodwill in the neighborhood. Well-done, sir! Please start a franchise soon.

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09.13.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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