Smush Scoreboard for Jersey Shore Episode 2.8
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Jersey Shore

Smush Scoreboard for Jersey Shore Episode 2.8

Sadly, the smush front remained relatively quiet this week. True, there was the whole Vinny and Angelina thing, but we don't include it here since that mostly carried over from last week. The Situation and Pauly D both tried to get their Smash Sesh on, and only one of them really succeeded. We were kinda expecting something to materialize between JWOWW and Uncle Nino, but if anything happened in the jacuzzi, it stayed in the jacuzzi. Sorry — that’s an immensely disturbing thought.

The Smushers: Pauly D and That Other Girl
The Smush Score: 7 out of 10 Smush Points
The Smush Reason: Well, they smushed, so that's positive. Even at the ungodly smush hour of 6 AM the girl was game — that's commitment. We wavered about awarding points for The Situation's bizarre smush-fest with an egg sandwich in his neighboring bed, but as long as Pauly appreciated the support, we're all for it. We'll never know whether or not he accepted that bite of sandwich from The Situation, but if he did, he’d earn another Smush point. Duh. Sandwiches and smashin’? There ain't no finer combination.

The Smushers: The Situation and That Blond Girl
The Smush Score: 2 out of 10 Smush Points
The Smush Reason: They didn't even smush, so we're doing them a favor by even including them on this week's scoreboard. Beyond that, they lost points for being kind of gross and weird, saying things like "Ooh gag me" and "Handcuff me to the bed." We're grimacing just thinking about it. But when The Situation got too rough for her (which must have been pretty rough — the girl was kind of a freak), the decided to split on him. That whole boyfriend story? Probably made up.