Bachelorette 2014 Sneak Peek: Andi Dorfman Gets Grilled by Nick Viall’s Sister! (VIDEO)
Credit: Nick Viall on Instagram    

The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2014 Sneak Peek: Andi Dorfman Gets Grilled by Nick Viall’s Sister! (VIDEO)

You know how when you meet your significant other’s folks for the first time, you fully expect to be given the third degree by his entire family, including those still in braces? No? Neither do we. But that’s exactly what happens to Andi Dorfman on this week’s ep of The Bachelorette, during Nick Viall’s Hometown Date. Tricky Nicky may be totally confident in Andi’s feelings for him, but his sister wants a little more confirmation from the Atlantan.

In this Episode 8 sneak peek, Andi’s first stop on her tour of hometowns involves a little grilling by Nick’s 9-year-old sister. Not only does Andi meet 17 of Nick’s closest fam members, but she also gets subjected to this tough question from his little sis: “Do you truly love my brother?”

Andi then asks for clarification, “Do you want to know if I like love him like peanut butter or if I love love him like chocolate?” OK, she doesn’t really say that, but that’s how our convo with the grade schooler would have gone. We’re sure Andi handled it better.

For his part, Nick is pimping tonight’s episode on Instagram by posting a pic of his soon-to-be-famous sis with the caption, “Tonight, this little cutie puts Andi on hot seat, and does a little interrogating of her own.” Sounds like Nick’s proud of his sister’s no b.s. approach with the assistant district attorney, and that the Viall family is growing a future prosecutor of their own!

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