BiP Episode 3 Sneak Peek: The “Out of This World” Entrance You’ve Gotta See! (VIDEO)
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Bachelor in Paradise

BiP Episode 3 Sneak Peek: The “Out of This World” Entrance You’ve Gotta See! (VIDEO)

We’re getting into the part of the season of Bachelor in Paradise that we shall refer to as “to the left” time. As in, don’t get too comfy yet, all you already established couples you — step to the left and let the newcomers take a shot at your favorite cuddle buddy.

Each week two (or three!) new Bachelor or Bachelorettes call the casa home, and one of Episode 3’s new arrivals causes major waves when she makes her presence known. In this sneak peek, Jackie Parr — a Sean Lowe episode 5 cast off — knows how to make an entrance.

Marquel Martin calls her banging bod “out of this world” and Michelle Money, our fave tell-it-like-it-is gal, says “take your toned little tushy and take it back to the mainland.” Can you imagine Michelle being intimidated by anyone? Seriously, Jackie’s got it going on and if we were in that house we’d be doing squats, STAT (lies).

Jackie is a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics in Florida, meaning 1) she gets paid to look good for a living, and 2) she basically lives in a bikini, so she’s not going to be afraid to flaunt it. Good luck with your new BFF ladies!

Watch the cast’s reaction to Jackie’s entrance below, then tell us in the comments if the other ladies in the house have anything to be worried about:

Source: ABC

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