Bachelorette 2014: JJ O’Brien and Chris Soules Face Off in Italy! (VIDEO
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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2014: JJ O’Brien and Chris Soules Face Off in Italy! (VIDEO

If you thought all the man drama would end with Andrew Poole’s Episode 5 exit, you’re obviously a noob to the Bachelor/ette franchise — there’s always more bro offs to be had, yo… and we saw some in June 23’s Episode 7 in Italy.

As the menfolk get fewer and the emotions get more emotion-y, Andi Dorfman’s suitors appear to be having trouble playing nice. Who’s having the most trouble in the sandbox? That would be JJ O’Brien, whose mama apparently didn’t teach him to share, and Iowa farm boy Chris Soules called him out for it tonight.

The scene started with the group daters — Chris, JJ, Brian Osborne, Marcus Grodd, and Josh Murray — sitting in the aftermath of Chris snagging the Group Date Rose. While some were kind and gave the Midwestern hunk his daps, JJ did otherwise.

“I’m getting a little sick of everybody congratulating everybody else advancing,” the pantsapreneur bemoaned. Cue intense “this is intense!” look from Josh. Basketball Brian jumped in with, “What’s the alternative? Not talk to each other?” — we’re sure Nick Viall wouldn’t mind that solution (he likes to communicate through “poems” anyway).

And that’s where things got AWESOME. Chris told JJ he’s got a bowl of grapes that are sour, saying, “That’s fine, good for you, cool. Your true colors will shine throughout this whole process and people will see that.” You did sign up for a dating competition show, JJ — if you don’t wanna share, stick to Tinder. Oh, wait.

While we’d rather it not be during a fight, we’re so glad to see our favorite farmer back in the mix. C.Soules started out strong as the first gent of the season to pucker up with Andi during their adorable 1-on-1 day at the races, but then he kinda disappeared into the background like an empty corn silo on foreclosed acreage. Now he’s ba-aaaaack, and we get to watch the guy Emily Maynard says every girl in America needs to date put JJ in his place.

Tell us what you think: Was JJ just being honest, or is he getting what’s coming to him?