Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Season 5, Episode 21 — Enzo Wants to Escape the Other Side (VIDEO)
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Season 5, Episode 21 — Enzo Wants to Escape the Other Side (VIDEO)

Enzo (Michael Malarkey) is not happy that he is still stuck on the Other Side given its imminent collapse, and he is pestering Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) about it until he gets some results. Check out this sneak peek for Season 5, Episode 21 (“Promised Land”) of The Vampire Diaries!

“He says you promised to bring him back,” Bonnie tells Damon in her best “of course you weren’t stupid enough to promise him that” voice, as Ghost Enzo stands behind her.

“Um, you’re paraphrasing,” Ghost Enzo complains. “He said, quote, ‘I will find a way.” Ha! This guys steals the scene, even when he’s invisible. Though Bonnie is giving him some unexpected competition. She sends a “whatever” in his direction. She is obviously so over helping murderers escape the Other Side when she can’t. (But he’s so charming, Bon Bon!)

Damon confirms that he knows what he promised, OK? But that isn’t really enough for Enzo: “Hey, remind him he doesn’t have a very good track record for keeping promises,” he tells Bonnie, who has officially had enough. She tells Enzo to “please, stop talking,” which doesn’t get the desired result: “The Other Side is on the brink of collapse. I plan on pestering all of you until I’m safely returned to the Land of the Living,” Enzo outlines.

Bonnie tells Damon: “You need to fix this before I lose my mind.”

“Hey, I’m sorry, OK?” Damon says, sarcastically, earning an eye-roll from Enzo. “I’ve got two missing doppelgangers, I’ve got a Traveler who wants to rid our town of magic, and I’ve got the friendly banker Mr. Sykes in the coat closet. So, escape from the netherworld is going to have to wait until tomorrow.”

Enzo walks over to Damon’s whiskey tumbler and throws the entire thing into the Salvatore mansion fireplace, causing a fiery burst. “I think he wants to be penciled in for today,” Bonnie quips. Is it just us or are these three rocking this scene? If this is the watchability level of tonight’s entire episode, then this could shape up to be one of our favorites of the season!

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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