Pretty Little Liars Sneak Peek: What Does Ezra’s Journal Reveal?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Sneak Peek: What Does Ezra’s Journal Reveal?

Ezra (Ian Harding) revealed his big secret on Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 20 (“Free Fall”), but there are still a lot of questions about exactly what he knows. For example, is he aware the Liars have been stalked and harassed by "A"?

Well, in this sneak peek of Season 4, Episode 21 ("She's Come Undone"), Aria breaks into Ezra's apartment and gets a glimpse of a notebook filled with details about her life and everything that has happened to the Liars. Assuming this notebook is the real deal — and not planted by "A" to make Ezra look even worse than he already does — it's clear that he knows a lot, and is at least aware of "A" and "A"'s post-Mona existence.

Here's what we see in the journal:

"Jason's a possible suspect." The first bit of the journal we see says this: "Not only was he drunk the night Alison disappeared (and unable to account for his actions or whereabouts), but now Jason's a possible suspect."

Why does Ezra think Jason is a "suspect"? Because "Aria recently learned that Jason was taking voyeuristic pictures of her... potentially tracking Aria's every [move?]." That means this journal was being kept as far back as Season 2.

Question: when Ezra says Jason is a "suspect," does he mean in Ali's death... or as "A"?

Thoughts on Caleb. There's also a section where Ezra appears to be talking about Caleb when he first appeared (Season 1), noting that "he's tech-savvy and rumoured to be able to hack into cell phones. Which may be the way Jenna is observing the girls. Whether [or not] Caleb's working with Jenna, his technical skills could come..."

What does this tell us? If nothing else, that Ezra knew Jenna was watching the Liars. Also, that he was keeping track of everything going even further back than the Jason thing.

"Mona's not 'A'" "Mona is now locked up... Radley — Mona's not 'A'," Ezra notes on another page. "'A' is still making their presence known... is this new 'A'... Mona working for this person."

While we can't make out everything that's said on this page, this section sure looks like proof that Ezra was well aware of everything going on with "A".

"Aria doesn't suspect a thing." Oh, just a little something her creepy journalist boyfriend wrote in his notes, also mentioning a "close call with the girls."

What do you make of these hints? How much do you think Ezra really knows? Let us know in the comments below!

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