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Sneak Peeks: 2 Dances Each for DWTS Rock and Roll Week


The dance marathon is back! And like most marathons it requires training. Dancing with the Stars Week 6 is going to be so busy the pros were at a planning meeting on Tuesday night instead of doing their usual press talks. That left most of the seven remaining Season 11 stars on their own to talk about Rock and Roll Week. Each star has to perform two dances on Monday — one main dance, the Tango or Paso Doble, and then the dance marathon. It's definitely going to be fun. It may also be another lock for Derek Hough; Energizer Bunny boy tends to win the dance marathons. Watch last season's Swing Dance Marathon to see how cool they can be.

Audrina Patridge & Tony Dovolani, Paso Doble

Where the heck is Tony? Audrina: "Well, they're having a meeting about next week. 'Cause it's a big week next week, there's two dances." Audrina & Tony have the Paso Doble as their main dance. "I do know that it's another aggressive dance. We're going to work on that in the studio and just really bring out that aggressiveness in me."

Rick Fox & Cheryl Burke, Tango

This video shows Rick & Cheryl after their Week 5 Rumba. They talk about how Phil Jackson is trying to start a sports war between Rick and Kurt Warner — and how Shaq is getting votes for Rick as his campaign manager. At this point they don't know what they will dance on Monday. But they know they will have to perform two routines. Cheryl says Rick is one of the hardest-working partners she's ever had. "He wants to get everything right, if not perfect. So, for sure he's ready for the two dances."

As Cheryl later tweets, "We are doing the Tango and Rock and Roll marathon!" Didn't they just do an Argentine Tango — a.k.a. Cheryl's favorite dance?

Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough, Paso Doble

Derek says Week 5 is always rough, but after that they see the light.

Derek: "It's like this mid-point right here. It's like anything, once you reach your mid-point it's almost like a plateau. Once you get past the halfway point for some reason it's like you get a second wind."

Jennifer: "Really?"

Derek: "You get like a second wind, I promise you. And, like, the two dance things? Before she's like 'I don't know how I'm going to do one dance in four days.' Now she's doing it. Now she'll be like 'I don't know how I'm going to do two dances in four days.' But she'll do it."

Jennifer is begging for a second wind. "You know where I can pick one up? I'll pay any price at this point." As Derek later tweets, "Great day paso dobleing with the Jennifer grey today ... Ouch my lower back from all the shaping. Ha ha." Only one injury is allowed per couple, Derek, and Jennifer has a lock on them.

Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas, Tango

When told Shaquille O'Neal is tweeting for people to vote for Rick Fox, Bristol says she hopes her mom, Sarah Palin, is doing the same for her. (Shaq vs. Sarah — who wins?) What is she going to do next week to earn her place in the competition? Bristol: "I haven't even begun to learn the Tango yet, but I'm going to do well next week. I'm going to remember my steps and just have fun."

Brandy Norwood & Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Tango

Brandy is still torn up about losing Florence Henderson (sob!) but she's amped for the two dances on Monday. Brandy: "I have the Tango next week and we have to do the group dance, the marathon, which is exciting. We just finished a little rehearsal of that. So, it's going to be challenging but I'm looking forward to it, 'cause I love a challenge."

Kyle Massey & Lacey Schwimmer, Tango

Kyle is looking forward to something different next week. He starts to explain when Lacey runs over. "What are you saying about me?" Kyle: "Lacey, right?"

Lacey says they have Tango and the Rock and Roll marathon, which will be "awesome." Lacey: "With the Tango we can show our young side. We have a really cool song. It's a really cool vibe. So I think he's doing to do great with it and prove to the judges he's not 5-worthy." There's only one judge they need to prove that to. By the way, Lacey says they laughed about the 5. So take that, Len.

Kurt Warner & Anna Trebunskaya, Paso Doble

In this video, Kurt still doesn't know what he'll be dancing as his main dance on Monday. He and Anna are the "swing couple," he says. They were given two possible dances, depending on who was eliminated. He does know, however, that he'll have two dances and the second will be the dance marathon. "From what I understand the second dance is going to be a lot of pieces of things that we've done in the past." He's hoping it won't be so technical, since he admits learning choreography is not hard for him, but getting the technique right is his sore spot.

We found out through Anna's Wednesday tweet that she and Rick will be doing the Paso Doble as their main dance: "Finished with our rehearsal with @kurt13warner.We have a very iconic song for our Paso-as-Rock as you can go!"

10.22.2010 / 07:50 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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