Snooki and The Situation: Most Annoying Celebrities of 2011?
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Jersey Shore

Snooki and The Situation: Most Annoying Celebrities of 2011?

Hating on Jersey Shore is as popular an American pastime as actually watching the show, so it comes as no surprise that Snooki and The Situation have been singled out as two of the 10 most annoying celebrities of 2011 by the Miami Herald.

In fact, the real surprise is that the Macaroni Rascals didn't rank very high on the Herald's list — Snooki came in at number seven, and Sitch number eight, well below fellow reality star Kim Kardashian (who snagged the top spot) and public trainwrecks like Charlie Sheen (second place) and Lindsay Lohan (fourth).

Do Snooki and Sitch really deserve the hate these days? After Season 4's wall-bashing, Snooki-defaming, drama-stirring ways, we honestly can't say Situation doesn't belong on this list.

But Snooki? As the Herald points out, it is a little insane that Meatball Number One is a New York Times best selling author, but it's not her fault America couldn't wait to get its hands on A Shore Thing.

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Source: Miami Herold