Lorenzo Says “Hey” — Did Snooki’s Baby Boy Say His First Words?
Credit: Snooki on Instagram    

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Lorenzo Says “Hey” — Did Snooki’s Baby Boy Say His First Words?

Snooki’s pride and joy, Lorenzo LaValle, is now a year old — and he’s already walking (and driving)! Lorenzo’s growing up so fast, and we think this means he’ll utter his first words any day now. But according to Snooki, maybe he already has?

Snooks posted a Instavideo earlier this week, and when we saw that the caption said, “My baby says hi!!! #ProudMom,” we were super stoked to watch and hear Lorenzo’s first words! But after seeing the video, we’re not convinced that he’s talking quite yet.

In the video, Snooki tells Lorenzo to say hi, and he opens his mouth like he wants to talk, but no words come out. Lorenzo does wave to the camera though, which shows he totally understands what Snooki wants him to do, which is a step in the right direction!

We’ve gotta admit, we’re dying to hear Lorenzo’s first words. We wonder what they’ll be — will he go for the traditional “mama” or “dada,” or will he take a page out of his mom’s book and start rattling off workout routines and #babyproblems? We can’t wait!

What do you think Lorenzo’s (real) first words will be? Let us know what you think below!