Snooki Isn\'t Chilean?! Find Out Her Shocking DNA Test Results
Snooki Isn’t Chilean?! Find Out Her Shocking DNA Test Results
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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

Snooki Isn’t Chilean?! Find Out Her Shocking DNA Test Results


On Snooki & JWOWW this week, Snooki finds out the results of her DNA test. She almost falls out of her chair when she hears about her background and we think you're going to be just as shocked as she was.

The reality TV star was born in Chile and adopted from Chile, so she has always identified as Chilean. She goes into the test results meeting saying, "If I'm an alien that would be the best case scenario, because I've always wanted to be an alien. I feel like I'm from another planet, but, ya know, I feel like that's impossible."

Well, apparently nothing is impossible, because we never could have guessed these DNA results.

Snooki has a Romani background, which is an ethnic tribe that came from Northern India. She also has roots in North Western Croatia, Macedonia, Slovakia, Russia, and Andalusia, which is in Spain. And that's not all. Snooks is also part Jewish, Iberian American, Middle Eastern, South Asian, and East Asian. "Are you sure these are right?" Snooks says while hearing the results. Our thoughts exactly!

But when Snooks is told that she's gypsy, it all seems to click.

"Gypsies are cool. They have good fashion. They're outrageous … that's me," she said. "It makes sense now. Sometimes I feel psychic and I predict things, so now I kind of get it because I'm a gypsy."

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