Snooki Does WHAT When She Breaks a Nail? The Crazy Answer Is… (VIDEO)
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Snooki Does WHAT When She Breaks a Nail? The Crazy Answer Is… (VIDEO)

We always knew our beloved Snooki was “crazy” in a good way, with a wild and colorful personality and sense of style, but this new piece of info on her nails just may be one of the the craziest things she’s admitted to us!

For her “Girl Problems” series on her Celebuzz blog, Snooki recently posted a video of herself talking about her latest issue: broken nails! It happens to the best of us, but it’s how Snooki deals with this problem that’s a bit weird.

The ladies of Jersey Shore are known for wearing long, fake acrylic nails, but we’re not sure if they do what Snooki does when they break them.

“I hate when I break a nail,” Snooki admits in the new video. “I always end up breaking the rest of my nails to match it, then I feel miserable.” All of her nails?! Oh Snooki, let the manicurist at least take a look first! Though we get how frustrating it can be when one of your nails just doesn’t match the others, especially when you go to the lengths Snooki does to make them crazy and perfect.

Click here to watch Snooki’s quick confession video, then let us know what you think of her nail-breaking practice below!

06.3.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Julia Lynn Rubin
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